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Your files are 100% GS1 Standards Compliant and flexible for any of your product packaging needs. They are created with professional design software by professional designers who know commercial printing and packaging industry requirements and GS1 Graphics Standards (download the international standards here.

The EPS files are Vector, which means they are scalable to any resolution and any size. They are provided in the file at 100% the recommended dimensions. If you or your designer are placing the file on your product package art or printing on stickers, you should not reduce it less than 80% of it’s current size or it may not be readable by optical scanners. If you are using a professional designer, you can tell them the file is in vector format and can be placed in any professional layout program. Refer to our Output and Sizing Guide for information on scaling and/or cropping your barcodes here.

The PDF and TIF files are 300 dpi RGB and should be converted to Grayscale for output. For best printing results your black should be only 100% K and not have any C, M or Y in the bars.

EZ UPC/My Barcode Graphics is not responsible for the output of your printed bar codes. Visit WePrintBarcodes.com for affordable, professional, compliant labels printed with your barcode numbers. If you only need a few hundred labels and wish to print them yourself, we recommend you use at least a 600 dpi Laser Printer. You must keep your bar code high contrast—dark bars on light background. For assurance of scanability, 100% black on white is recommend. Visit our site for detailed information on printing your own labels, output and size standards and doing test scans: All About Barcode Printing.